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Well my friends it has finally come to this.
I am closing down this blog - forever.
I know, I know “What? Why? How ever will I make through the day without you?” ETC.

Well do not despair my friends because the end of this blog merely marks the beginning of the NEW BLOG.
You see every so often one has to look at how one is doing things, and gauge where the latest technology is, and see if there is room to improve things. We need to take a fresh look at what is available and see if we can make reasonable use of it. We must resist the urge to change merely for the sake of change and try to limit ourselves to moving when the time is right and we see clear advantages.

Or, you know, do it whenever we can find the damn time to do it in, whatever.

For years now I’ve been painstakingly hand crafting this blog page and truth be told most search engines do not even recognize it as such. It’s time to move on to the new platform and integrate that with the old stuff that is still quite useful and serviceable.

The new Blog is stop by and check it out.
Regular readers update your bookmarks (all five of you) and we’ll see you over there.

Thank you and good day.



I really agree with the end of this article. We need to impeach this administration (right now) and those who have the power to do so, and do not act on it, should be counted as accessories after the fact. I want to stress here that, as I see it, this is no longer a political issue.
(Republican vs. Democrat, Left vs. Right, whatever.)
This is a criminal issue. The crimes are high treason against the Constitution and people of the United States of America, war crimes, war profiteering and crimes against humanity.
I'm not interested in the odds of success, or the time left, or any of that stuff.
I'm interested in salvaging whatever may be left of our dignity as a country.
If it's all I can do to write this here, if that is the limit of my feeble power to influence events, then at least let me do that.

AND while we're on the topic check out these stories:

Third US aircraft carrier heads to the Gulf

Turkey has 140,000 troops on Iraq border: Iraq

Baghdad's Green Zone 'under fire'


Where does the time go?

I have been busy day and night recently and that has left little time for keeping this blog up to date. I feel badly about that, but on the other hand I am getting so much done and learning so much at the same time that I can't really feel too badly about the lack of posting I'm getting done. So there we are, or rather here we are, or aren’t, as the case may be.

So “what have I been busy with?” you ask, or at least, I imagine you asking.
Well as you know we’ve been working on our own little production. We have a few scenes shot and we’re okay with them but we need to get more done in less time. We also need people who can help us with the following.
Money, CG, titles and credits, set people to help with various set and script issues, music and sound editing . . . and the list goes on and on. We had been lucky so far, up to a certain point, but we rushed a shooting of the final scene in the movie on a day when it was just way too hot to get it done. We ran into some technical issues, I made a bad call on camera placement and the bottom line is that we lost that scene and have to completely re-shoot it.
I spoke to my DP, Sundiata, and thankfully he agreed that we could try again. Right now he’s off traveling so we’re on hiatus from filming, but I’m making use of the time reworking the script and trying to get together some storyboards for that last scene so that we don’t make the same mistake twice. Genrally I feel we just need to pick up our game.

Also Shore Leave is coming up this weekend and Gina and I are really  looking forward to that. It’s always great to get together with everyone and check in.

Meanwhile we’ve been working around the house and just generally trying to stay ahead of things. Speaking of that, the pool was giving me a lot of trouble this year and I ended up totally taking apart and rebuilding the entire filter system. The good news there is that I got it running perfectly again, but it took a lot of time to do. In the future I plan to take it apart more completely in the off season and store more of the parts indoors.

On the acting front Gina has worked a couple of jobs last week and there is a good chance that she will be working with those companies again. She worked a shoot, with Glenn Close no less, on the set of Ms. Close’s new show ‘Damages’. As a result Gina is now officially AFTRA eligible. We aren’t rushing into anything though. I am wary of unions, and not looking to have either of us join any union or guild that might end up preventing us from getting more work. Also we are uncertain of how all of this affects our ability to continue to work in our other independent projects. We’re looking at our options very carefully and want to be smart about how Gina carries her acting career forward.



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