Because you demanded it:
(You know who you are!)

Frank's Personal Page

So, if you're here, you're probably asking yourself;
Who is this Frank person? What is all of this really about?
What's with all those costumes?
Who are all these other people, and why do they tolerate all of this insanity?
(You're pretty damned nosey, you know that?)

Luckily I'm a very open, and gregarious person, who will be only too happy to answer all your questions right here.
Actually, I have many interest, Acting, Aikido, Art, Costuming, Day Dreaming,
Fencing, Gaming, RPG's and LARP's, Hiking, History, Lucid Dreaming,
Philosophy in general and Objectivism in specific, Physics,
Science Fiction in general and Star Trek in specific,
Sculpting, Writing Poetry, and a few others.

Computers, Networks, Web Design, and so on, are how I make my living.
All of these other things, are the things I do, when I can do, what I choose to do.

My BLOG My Personal Web Log.
My Acting Resume Page "All the worlds a stage . . . " Here is my acting resume.
Our Costumes What can I say? I love making, and wearing costumes.
Gina's Acting Resume Page A page about, my beautiful wife, the actress.
My Poetry My Personal Poetry Page
My Best of the Best List A simple page listing my favorite Books, Music, Movies, and so on.
Our Happily Ever After Page Everything about my wife Gina and I. Links to our online wedding and photo albums.
Where in the world . . . A page of us, our friends, and our travels. (No longer updated. Check the Blog.)
Our Kids Notes on the children, and my advice and insights on child rearing.

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