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This movie was created as the first film project by Elysian Visions and with the help and support of C. Sundiata Cowels over at Future Incite.

After being involved in a few other independent projects, we wanted to see what we could do, and we wanted to learn how best to do it - for ourselves. Actually this fifteen minute short started as a one scene project that just kept growing. We are interested in testing the limits of new technology to produce original content. I wrote, directed and acted in this project.

This experience has been very educational and rewarding for us. While the film is far from perfect, we have been very pleased with all of the positive feedback we have received for our efforts and we're looking forward to our next project. (Just as soon as we finish paying for this one and get some fresh backing or hit the lottery.)

Here is the movie in M4V format:
(Make sure to watch past the end credits.)

"The Man in Charge".M4V

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The Trailer

Trailer updated and now also on Jumpcut.

Here is the movie on Jumpcut.

Executive Producers:
Frank J. Hernandez and
C. Sundiata Cowels

Directed by:
Frank J. Hernandez

Written by:
Frank J. Hernandez

Director of Photography:
C. Sundiata Cowels

C. Sundiata Cowels

Jessica Hernandez

Production Assistant:
Tony Perrillo

Gina Hernandez as Gina
Frank J. Hernandez as Frank
George Oberhoffer as George
Talia Lawlor as Talia
Doug Albin as Doug
Ricky Hartmann as Ricky

Special Thanks to:
Tim Young of Creatures and Characters
For the Dragon

Patrick Flanagan
For "Predict the Past"

Richard Hatch
For advice and encouragement.

To everyone at Xile and Panic Struck productions.
For starting us down this road.

"The Man In Charge" 2008 © Frank J. Hernandez
All rights reserved.

Any resemblance to actual events or any persons living or dead is purely coincidental. (Except for that one guy, but he totally said it would be okay.)

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If you purchased this movie you have probably been robbed. This movie is not for sale. We are supported by donations from people like you who want to see more. If you are watching it anywhere but right here, then in all likely hood we have been robbed. If you were unaware of all of this when you bought it, we forgive you, but feel free to drop a dollar or three in the donation box if you can.

If I catch anyone selling this at a convention I will tear them in half like a phone book.

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